bibliography - recent books on PTSD; memoirs by soldiers and activists from Iraq and Afghanistan


recent layperson’s reading on psych effects of war -- since 2003


      Grant, Robert, Ph.D. The Way of the Wound: A Spirituality of Trauma and Transformation. 1996.


  since 2003

      Armstrong, Keith, LCSW/ Best, Domenici. Courage After Fire: Coping Strategies for Troops Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and Their Families. Ulysses Press, 2006.


      Cantrell, Bridget, Ph.D/ and Dean, Chuck. Once a Warrior: Wired For Life. WordSmith Books, 2007.


      ----- Downrange: To Iraq and Back. WordSmith Books, 2005.


      Meagher, Ilona. Moving a Nation to Care: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and America's Returning Troops. Ig Publishing, 2007.


      Mollica, Richard F., M.D. Healing Invisible Wounds: Paths to Hope and Recovery in a Violent World. Harcourt, 2006.


      Tich, Edward, Ph.D., War and the Soul: Healing Our Nations’s Veterans from Post-Traumatic Disorder. Quest Books, 2005.



recent memoirs of war experience


      Buzzell, Colby. My War: Killing Time in Iraq. G.P.Putnam Sons, 2005.


      Carroll, Andrew, ed. Operation Homecoming: Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front, in the Words of U.S. Troops and Their Families. Random House (sponsors: NEA/DoD), 2006.


      Henderson, Kristin. While They’re at War: The True Story of American Families on the Homefront. Houghton Mifflin, 2006.


      Himes, Andrew, ed. Voices in Wartime: A Collection of Narratives and Poems. Whit Press, 2005.


      Rieckhoff, Paul. Chasing Ghosts: A Soldier’s Fight for America from Baghdad to Washington. NAL Caliber, 2006.


      Turner, Brian. Here, Bullet. (poems) - Alice James Books, 2005.


      Wood, Trish. What Was Asked of Us: An Oral History of the Iraq War by the Soldiers Who Fought It. Little, Brown, 2006.



memoirs by resistors who have served in Iraq


      Mejía, Camilo. Road From Ar Ramadi: The Private Rebellion of Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejía. The New Press, 2007.


      Benderman, Kevin. Letters from Fort Lewis Brig: A Matter of Conscience. The Lyons Press, 2007.


      Delgado, Aidan. The Sutras of Abu Ghraib: Notes from a Conscientious Objector in Iraq. Beacon Press, 2007.



writing by peace activists in Iraq

      Ferner, Mike. Inside the Red Zone: A Veteran For Peace Reports from Iraq. Praeger Publishers, 2006.


      Smith-Ferri, David. Battlefield Without Borders: Iraq Poems. Haley’s, 2007.



poetry, fiction, essays


      Kingston, Maxine Hong, ed. Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace. Koa Books, 2006.